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Write your Styling rules faster using predefined classes directly to html
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fucss.js added box-sizing:content-box = bz:cbx Dec 16, 2018
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test.html fixed comma object issue Dec 9, 2018

FUCSS client & server styling generator

Fucss is fastest tool and method to write custom styling generator for riot, react, webpack and plain html.

Fucss styling generator Hell YEAH!!!!
server: npm install --save fucss
next: npm install --save next-fucss


You just implement fucss to your project using only client script or server side options fucss | next-fucss


export default ({ text }) => (
 <button className="p:15px-30px br:5px bs:1 bd:0 bg:prim c:white m:10px fl:r">{text}</button>


/** Fucss class rules */ 
.p\:15px-30px{padding:15px 30px;}


added tools to generate jsx, webpack classes and styling separately


added fucss.grab class generating function from objects. fucss.grab({'p:20px': true} | (isTrue) => ({ 'p:20px': isTrue}), {isTrue: true})
improved fucss.storeHTML now stores object inside div dummy elem for class harvesting
added md-fs:16px_lh:1.3 class chaining support

  @media only screen and (min-width: 768px) 
    .md-fs\:16px_lh\:1\.3 {font-size: 16px; line-height: 1.3;}

solved bg:lg-70ndg-prim-sec linear gradient implementation
todo fix transition-delay | multi transition fix required
todo improv unit testing


fixed jc:... has no auto margin on its items. Now justify-content will work.
added class | classname | class... attributes are supported.
solved tt:uc text-transform: uppercase
added an:hide-1s sets osition: absolute; visibility: hidden; after 1s
added afm:fwd support animation-fill-mode: forwards
added bv:hd support backface-visibility:hidden
added bg-atc:fx support background-attachment:fixed parallax
added zm:2 support zoom:2
added cp:ins(100px-50px) support clip-path: inset(100px 50px)
added t3d:0-0-0 support transform: translate3d(0, 0, 0)
solved bft-blr:1px support backdrop-filter:blur(1px)
added prsp:1000 support perspective:1000 refactored Parser. Now riot parser supports classNames = (value) => ({ 'classname': value })


added scaler animation @keyframes scaler
added animation support an inf added an:scaler-inf-1s-eio { animation: scaler infinite 1s ease-in-out }


fixed dp:flx has no auto margin on its items. Now align-items & justify-content will work
added calc support w:calc(100pc-300px)
added value ini: initial included bz:ini
added value st: static included dp:st


fixed grayscale typo


added node server support require('fucss')
added fucss.storeHTML function that stores array of html strings in fucss.HTML array added props to fucss.generateStyling function

  // Returns css rules on the server side
    riot: html || fucss.HTML.join(''),
    returnStyle: true,
    glob: true,
    anim: true

  // Now returnStyle option executes \' replacer
  if(opts.riot && opts.returnStyle)
    htmlString = htmlString.replace(/\\'/g, "'");


fixed now all riot component classes are generated EG class="ts:tf { 'trx:30pc': modify }"


fixed negative values z:20n { z-index: -20 }
added properties scaleX scaleY scaleZ added scx:1n { transform: scaleX(-1) } = {
    scx: 'scaleX',
    scy: 'scaleY',
    scz: 'scaleZ',


add property visability added vsb:vs vsb:hd


refactored riot tags are now collected through xhr response


changed global values moved to top of the generated code
removed moz, webkit prefexis
changed smx: 401, mdx: 769, lgx: 1025


refactored txt property is now config instead of property (use in body) txt:black100
fixed values 1s,tf ar now not sticky (multiple transition support added) ts:op-1s,tf-500ms-eio-1s { transition: opacity 1s, transform 500ms easy-in-out 1s; }
fixed ac - align-content now is not treated as state active ac-ac:c :active { align-content: center } changed bl -> blr filter function value blr:1px { filter:blur(1px) }
changed op - opacity filter removed op:0.1 { opacity:0.1 } = {
    mbm: 'mix-blend-mode'
  fucss.values = {
    dif: 'difference',
    light: 'lighten',
    dark: 'darken',


No need for fux-trans & fux-boxsh Features: transitions, transform, functional values, sibling selector support, boxshadow

  //box shadow now is auto generated

  //transition all .45s cubic-bezier(0.23, 1, 0.32, 1)

    scl: 'scale',
    trl: 'translate',
    rot: 'rotate',
    skw: 'skew',
    mtx: 'matrix',
    prp: 'perspective',
    trx: 'translateX',
    try: 'translateY',
    trz: 'translateZ',

  //version 0.6.8
  fucss.functions = {
    lg: 'linear-gradient',
    rg: 'radial-gradient',

    rgb: 'rgb',
    rgba: 'rgba',
    cb: 'cubic-bezier',

  fucss.transforms = {
    scl: 'scale',
    trl: 'translate',
    rot: 'rotate',
    skw: 'skew',
    mtx: 'matrix',
    prp: 'perspective',
    trx: 'translateX',
    try: 'translateY',
    trz: 'translateZ',

  fucss.filters = {
    bl: 'blur',
    bh: 'brightness',
    cn: 'contrast',
    ds: 'drop-shadow',
    gs: 'greyscale',
    hr: 'hue-rotate',
    iv: 'invert',
    op: 'opacity',
    st: 'saturate',
    sp: 'sepia',

  fucss['shape-outside'] = {
    crc: 'circle',
    rec: 'rect',
    els: 'ellipse',
    ins: 'inset',
    poly: 'polygon',


style in header now is created dynamically


multiple target escape fix


fixed multiple target issue
fixed fux-trans // now it works for all transitions
implemented first, last child

  //multiple targets now are escaped
  fs:100pc_a,h1 = 'a, h1 { font-size: 100% }';

  //fux-trans fixed
  fucssExtras = {'fux-trans':    'transition: all .3s ease;'}

  //new state last-child implemented
  fucss.states = {
    lc: 'last-child',
    last: 'last-child',
    first: 'frist-child'

  //new props = {
    jc: 'justify-content',
    cont: 'content',


media queries now have max-width

  //smx => @media only screen and max-width 399px ... = {
    smx: 399,
    mdx: 767,
    lgx: 1023,

fucss properties added = {
    flxf: 'flex-flow'


color modifiers enabled for example default pink = '#E91E63':

  bg:pinka5   = { background: rgba(233,30,99,0.5); }  
  bg:pinkl10  = { background: #ff387d; }  
  bg:pinkd10  = { background: #d0054a; }  

Flex box support implemented.
default colors modified and implemented color modifier
implemented global default rules

  //css important eg: bg:pink-! = { background: ## #E91E63 !important; }

  //colors moved to separate object and redefined
  fucss.colors = {
    //version 6 colors
    prim:     '#DE3E3E',  // red
    sec:      '#2F3B50',  // grey dark

    red:      '#F44336',
    pink:     '#E91E63',
    purple:   '#9C27B0',
    dpurple:  '#673AB7',
    indigo:   '#3F51B5',
    blue:     '#2196F3',
    lblue:    '#03A9F4',
    cyan:     '#00BCD4',
    teal:     '#009688',
    green:    '#4CAF50',
    lgreen:   '#8BC34A',
    lime:     '#CDDC39',
    yellow:   '#FFEB3B',
    amber:    '#FFC107',
    orange:   '#FF9800',
    dorange:  '#FF5722',
    brown:    '#795548',
    grey:     '#9E9E9E',
    bgrey:    '#607D8B',

    black:    '#111',
    silver:   '#DDD',
    white:    '#fff',

    navy:     '#001f3f',
    aqua:     '#7FDBFF',
    teil:     '#39CCCC',
    olive:    '#3D9970',
    maroon:   '#85144b',
    fuchsia:  '#F012BE',
    // social
    twitter:  '#5AACF2',
    facebook: '#3C599C',
    google:   '#D8503D',

  // now you can specify color modes for the color eg: pink400 = pinklight6
  fucss.colorMods = {
    //50:   'l52',  // white 'a13'
    100:  'l37',  // white 'a31'
    200:  'l26',  // white 'a50'
    300:  'l12',  // white 'a7'
    400:  'l6',   // white '185'
    500:  '',
    600:  'd6',   // black 'a91'
    700:  'd12',  // black 'a81'
    800:  'd18',  // black 'a71'
    900:  'd24'   // black 'a52'

  // now you can predefine color configs eg: <body class="prim:indigo sec:pink err:red warn:yellow">
  fucss.config = {
    'prim': 'colors',
    'sec': 'colors',
    'err': 'colors',
    'warn': 'colors',

  // flex box support
  var fucssProperties = {
    //version 0.6.3
    ww: 'word-wrap',
    fd: 'flex-direction',
    od: 'order',
    flxg: 'flex-grow',
    flxs: 'flex-shrink',
    flxw: 'flx-wrap',
    flxb: 'flex-basis',
    flx: 'flex',
    as: 'align-self',
    ai: 'align-items',
    ac: 'align-content',

  var fucssValues = {
    //version 0.6.3
    pl: 'pre-line',
    nm: 'normal',
    bl: 'baseline',
    flx: 'flex',
    if: 'inline-flex',
    row: 'row',
    col: 'col',
    rr: 'row-reverse',
    cr: 'column-reverse',
    li: 'list-item',
    wrap: 'wrap',
    sb: 'space-between',
    sa: 'space-around',
    fs: 'flex-start',
    fe: 'flex-end',
    stc: 'stretch',

  var fucssGlob = false; // by default it is enabled

  var fucssGlobalExtras = {
    "[contenteditable='plaintext-only']":   'cursor: text',
    "[contenteditable='plaintext-only']:empty:before" : 'content: attr(placeholder); opacity: 0.5; display: block;',
    "body": 'margin: 0; text-align: center; font-family: inherit; border-width: 0;',
    "*": 'margin: 0 auto; outline: 0; padding: 0; box-sizing: border-box; border-style: solid; border-width: 0; vertical-align: baseline;',
    "a": 'text-decoration: none;',
    "a, span, img, button, i": 'display: inline-block;',
    "button, a": 'cursor: pointer',
    "input, button, select, option, textarea": 'font-size: 100%; font-family: inherit;',


Predefined colours, animations implemented. Splash screen deprecated.

  //all values can be overwrited using fucssValues
  var fucssValues = {
    //version 6 colors
    prim:     '#DE3E3E',  // red
    sec:      '#5FBA7D',  // grey dark
    tert:     '#2F3B50',  // green
    quat:     '#f6f7f4',  // grey
    quin:     '#D3D1D1',  // grey light
    //sext:     '#D3D1D1',
    //sept:     '#D3D1D1',
    //oct:      '#D3D1D1',
    //non:      '#D3D1D1',
    //den:      '#F1F1F1', // bg grey very light,
    navy:     '#001f3f',
    blue:     '#0074D9',
    aqua:     '#7FDBFF',
    teil:     '#39CCCC',
    olive:    '#3D9970',
    green:    '#2ECC40',
    lime:     '#01FF70',
    yellow:   '#FFDC00',
    orange:   '#FF851B',
    red:      '#FF4136',
    maroon:   '#85144b',
    fuchsia:  '#F012BE',
    purple:   '#B10DC9',
    black:    '#111111',
    grey:     '#AAAAAA',
    silver:   '#DDDDDD',

  //deprecated splash screen value
  var fucssSplash = false;

  var fucssAnim = false; // default true

  // animations implemented
  @keyframes spin
  @keyframes fadeIn
  @keyframes fadeOut

  // new extras added
  var fucssExtras = {
    'fux-bb':       'border-sizing: border-box;',
    'fux-clear':    'overflow: hidden;',
    'fux-fadeIn':   'animation-name: fadeIn;animation-iteration-count: 1;\
                      animation-timing-function: ease-in;animation-duration: 0.2s;opacity: 1;',
    'fux-spinner':  'position: absolute; top: calc(50% - 25px); left: calc(50% - 25px); width: 50px; height: 50px; border: 3px solid ## #fff;\
      			          border-radius: 50%; border-top-color: ## #DE3E3E; -webkit-animation: spin 0.75s ease-in-out infinite;',
    'fux-boxsh':    'box-shadow: 0 1px 2px rgba(0,0,0,.1)',
    'fux-trans':    'transition: color 0.1 ease-in; transition-property: color, background-color;',
fucss.riotExtractNGenerate = function(){}


Auto riot class generator implemented

//now generates automatically riot tag classes when script[type="riot/tag" and !!window.riot
fucss.riotExtractNGenerate = function(){}


Minified version now available

  // now riot.js class object can be extracted too and all rules will be generated
  var _jsStr = "<div class={'op:0.8 hv-op:1': true, 'p:10px': true, 'm:10px': false} />";
  fucss.generateStyling({riot: _jsStr, returnStyle: false});

  // if you need to use fucss for riot.js
  var _tags = document.querySelectorAll('script[type="riot/tag"');
  var _jsStr = document.body.outerHTML;
  var _jsLoadedCount = 0;
  	riot.compile(tag.src, function(js){
    	_jsStr += js;
    	if(_jsLoadedCount === _tags.length){
    		fucss.generateStyling({riot: _jsStr, returnStyle: false});



Fixed fucssValues implementation

// now it is assigned before window.onload
Object.assign(fucss.values, window.fucssValues)


Fixed color generator


Change log

  //default splash value now is set to false
  fucss.splash = false;

  //colors can be predefined
  var fucssValues = {
    main: '#ffcb05',
    grey: '#dadada',

  /** new function for react.js and classNames library implemented

    <div className="bg:000"/>


    var getDivClassNames = classNames({
      'bg:000': true,

  fucss.generateStyling({jsx: _scriptString});
    now it is possible to use lighten(l25) / darken(d25) / alpha(a25) for colours.
    Can be used with predifined values eg: (bg:mainl25)
  <div class="bg:ffcb05l25">colour ## #ffcb05 lightened by 25%</div>


Change log

Media queries changed = {
    sm: 400,
    md: 768,
    lg: 1024,


Change log

Splash screen implemented

<!-- put inside body -->
  <div class="fux-spin"></div>


<!-- "bs" changed to "bz" "box-sizing"-->
bs => bz                  // box-sizing

<!-- We need bs for "box-shadow" more then "box-sizing" -->
bs                        // box-shadow

<!-- NEW table-layout prop-->
tl                        //table-layout

Now fucss is a bit more customizable. AT LAST WE CAN PREDEFINE COLORS and create custom rules


  // Your custom values
  var fucssValues = {
    main: '#ffcb05'

  // Your custom extra classess (fux)
  var fucssExtras = {
    'fux-grd-blue': 'background: linear-gradient(to right, rgba(25,32,68,0.9) 0%, rgba(25,32,68,0) 100%);'

  // Starts fucss checking function every 5s
  var fucssWatch = 5000;

  // Stops fucss init function
  var fucssInit = false;

  // Disables fucss splash screen
  var fucssSplash = false;


Change log

  <!-- Atlast we have two "font-family" word support -->
  ff:Open+Sans              // font-family:"Open+Sans";

  <!-- ls changed to lis "list-style"-->
  ls => lis                 // list-style

  <!-- We need ls for "letter-spacing" more then "list-style" -->
  ls                        // letter-spacing

  <!-- Added Important functionality -->
  c:fff-!                   // color:## #fff !important;



// set fucss.init = false and fucss will not initiate after document is loaded

// function fucss.generateStyling(html, returnStyle) lets you to initate style rendering in js
// u can pass 2 props to this function
// html lets you to pass htmlString
// returnStyle lets you to get back the cssString instead of inserting automatically to your html header = 0;
fucss.init = true;

fucss.seps = {
  'value': ':',
  'space': '-',
  'target': '_',
}; = {
  sm: 480,
  md: 768,
  lg: 1024,

fucss.states = {
  hov: 'hover',
  act: 'active',
  foc: 'focus',

  hv: 'hover',
  ac: 'active',
  fc: 'focus',
}; = {
  bs: 'box-sizing',
  pdg: 'padding',
  mrg: 'margin',
  clr: 'color',
  bg: 'background',
  txt: 'text-align',
  brd: 'border',
  dsp: 'display',
  pos: 'position',
  h: 'height',
  w: 'width',
  fnt: 'font',
  flt: 'float',
  vlgn: 'vertical-align',
  hlgn: 'text-align',
  col: 'width',
  lh: 'line-height',
  crs: 'cursor',
  dec: 'text-decoration',
  tb: 'table',
   // added by me
  idx: 'z-index',
  op: 'opacity',
  tran: 'text-transform',
  mh: 'min-height',
  mxw: 'max-width',
  mxh: 'max-height',
  mnw: 'min-width',
  mnh: 'min-height',

  ls: 'list-style',
  ltrs: 'letter-spacing',
  ws: 'white-space',

  //version 4
  ff: 'font-family',
  ta: 'text-align',
  fs: 'font-size',
  dp: 'display',
  t: 'top',
  r: 'right',
  b: 'bottom',
  l: 'left',
  of: 'overflow',
  br: 'border-radius',
  bd: 'border',
  fw: 'font-weight',
  c: 'color',
  p: 'padding',
  m: 'margin',
  va: 'vertical-align',
  ps: 'position',
  xw: 'max-width',
  nw: 'min-width',
  td: 'text-decoration',
  z: 'z-index',
  fl: 'float',
  cl: 'clear',
  sh: 'box-shadow',
  tr: 'text-transform',

//version 4
fucss.colorazable = [

fucss.units = ['px', 'em', 'pc', 'vh', 'vw'];

fucss.groups = ['tb', 'rl'];

fucss.addons = {
  t: 'top',
  r: 'right',
  b: 'bottom',
  l: 'left',
  pos: 'position',
  rad: 'radius',
  fml: 'family',
   // added by me
  sz: 'size',
  rd: 'radius',
  w: 'width',
  clr: 'color',
  stl: 'style',
  lyt: 'layout',
  wg: 'weight',
  upc: 'uppercase',
  //version 4
  c: 'color',
  s: 'style',
  rp: 'repeat',
  ps: 'position',

fucss.values = {
  bb: 'border-box',
  greyd1: '#ffcb05',
  blackl3: '#f24543',
  bot: 'bottom',
  c: 'center',
  r: 'right',
  l: 'left',
  t: 'top',
  b: 'bottom',
  m: 'middle',
  n: 'none',
  clr: 'color',
  rel: 'relative',
  abs: 'absolute',
  fix: 'fixed',
  inh: 'inherit',
  tc: 'table-cell',
  td: 'table-cell',
  tr: 'table-row',
  tb: 'table',
  no: 0,
  hid: 'hidden',
  vis: 'visible',
  pnt: 'pointer',
  sld: 'solid',
  // added by me
  ib: 'inline-block',
  blk: 'block',
  cl: 'clear',

  //version 4
  hd: 'hidden',
  vs: 'visible',
  bk: 'block',
  pt: 'pointer',
  rl: 'relative',
  ab: 'absolute',
  sd: 'solid',
  ts: 'transparent',
  np: 'nowrap',
  bt: 'both',
  fx: 'fixed',
  cv: 'cover',
  uc: 'uppercase',
  rp: 'no-repeat',
  nrp: 'no-repeat',
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